Hi, I’m Gaz

Hi, I’m Gaz

Welcome to my site. This is where I show my view of the world through my photographs. But first let me introduce myself.

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and have worked a variety of jobs. Started off as an electrician then as a designer of control systems, before embarking on my IT career as a System Administrator dabbling in computer programming, then proceeding onto being an IT Business Analyst chasing new contracts.

Throughout all my life I have been passionate about photography. My shots were all taken on Canon DSLR’s until I was unable to carry them around anymore due to poor health. So I opted to sell all my Canon equipment and invest in a smaller lightweight camera system.

Now I use Olympus OMD cameras and Zeiss Pro Lenses. The weight saving is due to not only the camera but also the size and weight of the lenses. Now I once again can carry around my camera equipment and keep my taking photos.

I hope you find my photos interesting, and they may encourage you to visit the places I have photographed or see the world from a new perspective.


What type of photographer am I?

People ask me “What type of photographer am I?” or to that effect. It’s like I need to be neatly packaged in a box that they can see “This is who I am.”

Life is not as simple as that. I have many varied interests resulting in many varied photo subjects.

So I best explain my photography like this.

My real passion is capturing the “impact of humans on the landscape”. I find this very interesting, which tells a story all of its own.

I also like photographing “nature” and capturing small things that otherwise go unnoticed. Of course like all photo enthusiasts I take a lot of photos of family and friends, documenting a small part of their journey through life.