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Indy the Hunter

Full of energy and seeing herself as the ultimate hunter, which she still is in her dreams.

The Blue Door

In this old building fallen into disuse - abandoned. What stories these doors can tell.

Natural Cathedral

Man and Nature form Natural Cathedral Arches. There is a certain peace and tranquility provided by this image.


I was looking at smaller Orangutan's playing in the trees, and someone said look behind.  There was this huge Orangutan coming up to me.

I am Australia

Sun, Fire, Bush and Life Giving Water.  This image has it all.

Fiery Sunset

The day dramatically comes to an end. The gift of nature, to turn on a stunning display at the end of a hard day's work.


There is nothing as comforting for a child as a mother's embrace. Mothers are mothers no matter the animal.  Mother's are beautiful.


Used for building, scaffolding, decoration, screening, flooring etc. But the beauty of Bamboo is in it's natural state.

The Future Beacons

Proudly standing, proclaiming there arrival. These twin modern beacons have made a stand to all before them.  United. Linked. Inseparable.  We are the future.

Past and Future

This leafy arch reminds me of past times where life was slower. Through this arch we are travelling to a harsher more geometrical future.  There seems nothing we can do to prevent being propelled to the future time.

Sunset on Past

The sun has set on the past workings of a mine at Aldinga Beach. All that is left are the solitary pillars that will eventually vanish as a testament to times past.